VoIP Features

Basic Features

Local Numbers:
Local phone numbers in over 150 US area codes

Toll Free Numbers:
Make it easy for customers to contact you and save money

Virtual Numbers:
Portray a local phone presence by using local numbers in other geographical locations

Local Number Portability (LNP):
Keep an existing phone number by porting it from the current provider

Web Portal Interface:
Administrators and users configure and manage their own services thru an easy-to-use Web interface.

Emergency Service (911)

Basic VoIP Features

VoIP Calling Features

Calling Features

Caller ID/On Call Waiting:

Know who’s calling before you answer

Call Forwarding:

Don’t miss any calls. Redirect calls to your mobile or other phone

Call Hold:

Easily put a call on hold while you answer another call

Call Transfer:

Attended Transfer (alert forwarding party before transfer) & Blind Transfer (transfer the call directly)

Call Conference (Three-way calling):

Add a second outgoing call to an already connected call

Do Not Disturb:

Callers go directly to voicemail when you don’t want to be disturbed

Call Logs:

Detailed call records by extension or account

Voicemail Features

Voicemail Greeting Options:

Unavailable / Busy / Employee’s Name

Voicemail to Email:

Receive voicemail as a .wav file attached to email

Remote Access:

Check voicemail through web interface

Multiple Mail Folders:

The ability to organize and save old voicemails

Visual Waiting Indicator

Works with the IP phones message indicator light

VoIP Voicemail Features

VoIP Auto Attendant Features

Auto Attendant Features

Day and Night Mode Schedule:

Create different greetings according to time of day and day of week

Dial-By-Name Directory:

Callers can dial a last name to get to the extension they need

Virtual Departments

Set up a call group based on job function

Multiple Auto Attendants

Play different greeting message on each incoming phone number

Import Greetings

Upload third-party professional greetings to use as auto attendant greetings

Inbox Features

Access Deleted Items

Recover deleted voice and fax items from your mail inbox

Advanced Features

Real-time status of all extensions within the PBX


"Since We have joined IP Phone System, we have enjoyed the new technology. Our phone bills have also been much less."
- Giovanni A.



  • Music on Hold
  • Paging System
  • Structured Cabling
  • IP Cameras
  • WiFi Setup