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IP Phone System Inc. is a trusted VoIP phone company in NYC, NY, known for its reliable VoIP phone system services. The company has been supplying, installing, and supporting IP phone products in New York businesses and commercial facilities across America since 1989. We invite you to look at some of the projects we’ve recently handled by browsing our phone company portfolio below.

Hosted VoIP

A hosted VoIP is a cost-effective way for businesses to include a VoIP telephone service in their office. There are no setup fees for a hosted PBX, which is another name for a hosted VoIP, and it allows companies to establish their small business phone system without the added expense. Businesses often have VoIP services that power phones in the office, but their PBX may be hosted through a company like IP Phone System Inc. The flexibility this allows for upgrades and changes to the system is a benefit to the company through reduced cost. It also means less disruption to office work when alterations to the installation need to be made.

Your business doesn’t have time to set up telecommunications systems, so when you need VoIP, hosting is the practical solution. It takes a team of trained technicians to install and activate a PBX system, so using hosting allows for a seamless process that prevents downtime for your company. When you consider the cost of disruption to your services for both employees and customers, the benefits of hosted VoIP are clear. Your small business phone system needs to be reliable, and one of the best ways to achieve that is to establish a hosted VoIP.