About Us

Need Professional VoIP Phone Installation Near NYC?

Specializing in IP Phone Products in NYC, New York

Our management team has been in the business of supplying, installing and supporting IP phone products in New York, NY and in businesses across America since 1989. Much has changed since then! One thing remains the same: our dedication to reliable service for your organization. Our company installs VoIP Technology and advanced features in addition to providing 24/7 Maintenance free on our network.

Lifetime Warranties

We provide unmatched value to our clients. Our Yealink phones provide crystal-clear call quality, durability and class. And with a lifetime warranty on all our IP phone products, you’ll never have to dig out the company credit card to fund a replacement phone system. If one of your phones breaks, we’ll replace it within 24 hours, at no additional charge to your organization. We also provide free faxes and maintenance for all our customers.

Cabling Experience

As your one-stop shop for phone system setup, we offer structured cabling installation so your infrastructure is equipped to meet your call needs with speed. We install certified cabling to get your network up and running.

Known for Service

No matter the job, our customers consistently appreciate our reliable service. We’ve been doing this awhile, so if you do have problems, we are your point of contact for troubleshooting.