Comprehensive VoIP Phone Features in NYC, NY


When you are looking for an ideal phone system for your business, a VoIP system is a perfect solution. At IP Phone System Inc., we offer complete systems with a number of VoIP phone features in NYC, NY. This includes standard phone features such as call forwarding and caller ID, as well as more advanced options such as voicemail to email and virtual phone numbers.

With the numerous features offered in our VoIP phone plans, you are sure to have the complete communications solutions you need for your business. Contact us to learn more about the VoIP plans and features we have to offer and let our team provide you with the telecommunications services you require.

Covering Our Clients’ Communication Needs

At IP Phone System Inc., we always strive to provide the best VoIP business solutions to our clients. We want to ensure that you have the equipment and resources you need to have a fully functioning and feature-rich communication system for your business. This way, you can easily keep in contact with your clients and customers. Plus, by choosing a VoIP system, you can customize the features you require to meet the specific needs of your business.

VoIP Features

Address Book

This enables a Hosted PBX user to easily manage their contacts across multiple devices


Alternate Numbers

In addition to the user’s main phone number, multiple alternate phone numbers

Anonymous Call Rejection

Incoming calls from parties who do not deliver their name or telephone number

700/900 Blocking

This blocks a station from placing calls to 700 and 900 numbers.

Automatic Line

This automatically dials a pre-assigned extension number or external telephone number

Direct Connect (“Hotline”)


This interactive capability presents calls with an automated to route their calls


End users can easily manage their auto-pay options via the self-care interface

Auto-Provisioning Profiles

These tools were developed to enable our customers to quickly provision

Billing and Customer Management

Like all our solutions, Hosted PBX solution provides integrated

Busy Lamp Field (BLF)

The BLF service allows monitoring on the physical attendant console of the line status

Call Barring

Call Barring allows you to prohibit outgoing calls to specific destinations

Call Forwarding on Busy

You can control where to forward incoming calls

Call Forwarding Always

This automatically routes all incoming calls for a given extension to another number

Call Forwarding on Don’t Answer

This can automatically route incoming calls for a given extension to another pre-selected

Call Park / Call Pickup

This enables the user to place a call on hold, move to a different location, and then resume the call

Call Recording on Demand

Call Restrictions

This prevents certain types of calls from being made or received by particular stations.

Station Restrictions

This prevents certain types of calls from being made or received by particular stations.

Call Return

Your users can originate a call to the last party or number that called them

Call Screening

This allows calls to be directed based on the caller’s ID (and, optionally, on which of the phone-line DIDs was called)

Conditional Call Forwarding

Call Transfer

his transfers an existing call to another party (inside or outside the Hosted PBX

Call Waiting

Users can be alerted of one or more calls awaiting connection during a current conversation.

Control Call Waiting

This enables/disables delivery of the call waiting feature to IP phones

Caller ID

This feature allows the user to identify the name and telephone number of a calling party before answering an incoming call.

Caller ID on Call Waiting

This feature allows the user to identify the name and telephone number of a calling party before answering an incoming call

Consultation Hold

Calls can be put on hold by depressing the switch-hook or pressing the flash button

Day/Night Mode

Dial by Name Directory

This automated feature enables the Hosted PBX end user to present callers with the ability to route calls to the appropriate employee

Dialing Rules Enhancement

This enables you to define number translation rules per individual site under a customer

DID (Direct Inward Dialing Number)

Distinctive Ringing

See Alternate Numbers

Door Entry Units

Door Entry Units which can provide security control and intercom services

Extended Billing Periods

This allows the closing of customer billing periods with a delay to allow enough time to finish importing CDRs or enter manual charges

Fax to Email / Email to Fax

Forward inbound faxes can be the end user’s email address. Outbound faxes can be sent via email, without using a fax machine

Group Pickup

This allows phones in the same Hosted PBX environment to answer each other’s calls

Hunt Groups

This allows calls to be redirected to other predetermined lines when the line called

Intercom Dialing

This allows a receiving phone to auto-answer a call and activate speakerphone mode

Message Waiting Audible

This provides the user with an audible notification

Message Waiting Visual

This provides the user with a visual indication when messages have been left in the company’s voice mail system

Mobile Extension

Multi-Language IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

This capability enables your Hosted PBX users to offer IVR prompts in multiple languages

Multiple Call Appearances

This allows each station to have two or more appearances of the user’s primary phone number

Multiple Pickup Groups

Phone lines in the same Hosted PBX can be grouped so that phone line owners within the group may answer each other’s calls by merely dialing a Group Pickup Prefix on their phones

Music-On-Hold (MoH)

This provides music for callers who are waiting on hold

Operator Panel

Public Address (P.A.) System

Remote Voicemail Access

Robocalls Blocking

In recent years, some telemarketers have used technology to bombard consumers with hundreds of millions of prerecorded calls that are often unwanted and frequently deceptive. On September 1, 2009, new FTC rules went into effect prohibiting most prerecorded telemarketing calls, commonly known as robocalls, unless the telemarketer has the consumer’s prior written authorization to transmit such calls.

Unfortunately, the statistics is not very positive. U.S. robocalls rose for the second straight month in April 2017 to 2.5 billion calls received nationwide, equaling a pace of 965 robocalls placed every second on average across America during the month, up from 917 robocalls per second in March.

This feature allows to dip the database of known telemarketing numbers and reject inbound robocalls. Please contact us 718-477-4663 for an introduction to iP Phone robocalls blocking partner.

Selective Call Acceptance (SCA)

Selective Call Forwarding (SCF)

Selective Call Rejection (SCR)

Self-Care Interface for End Users

SMS Message Processing

Enables the sending and receiving of SMS messages directly to users

Speed Dialing

This allows the user to dial frequently called telephone numbers

tation Message Detail Recording (SMDR)

This feature allows the corporate telecom manager to receive call detail records on a per- station basis before the monthly

Three-Way Conferencing (Three-Way calling)

Users can add a third party to an existing conversation forming a three-way conference call

Toll Restriction

This blocks a station from placing calls to telephone numbers that would incur toll charges.

Virtual Office

This enables small and home-based business end users

Virtual Phone Numbers

A Virtual Phone Number is a real telephone number that is not associated to a physical phone line

Virtual Receptionist

Please see Auto-Attendant

Voicemail to Email

Voicemail to Text Transcription (v2t or VTT) 15

Voice VPN (Virtual Private Network


Inbox Features

Access Deleted Items

Recover deleted voice and fax items from your mail inbox

Advanced Features

Real-time status of all extensions within the PBX