Where To Buy VoIP Phone Products

Today as more and more businesses are growing both in size and market-wise, the need for a more advanced and robust communication technology becomes a must. As a business grows both in human resources and market share, the need for better communication arises. The solution to this need is the purchase and installation of VoIP phone products.

IP telephony system can be likened to a one-stop-shop where a client can walk in, purchase the necessary products he or she wants and get an installer from the shop. The speed of communication associated with these communication systems is what many clients are going for. For VoIP phone installation, one can pick a plan which best suits their company from our collection of plans.

Our company plays a major role in the installation of IP technology which comes with advanced features. We do not charge for maintenance services done on our network. The security of this system is also guaranteed and clients can comfortably communicate without worrying about eavesdropping. Mobile VoIP solutions also enjoy low rates and fast connectivity.

The good thing about this system is that it is cost-effective. We actually listen to our customer’s needs, evaluate their business size and the nature of the business to come up with an IP system that will fit that business. Our clients need not worry about staff training as we offer training for all the authorized staff.

Another benefit our clients enjoy is the 24-hr support basically to employees. The system comes with unlimited calling, free party conferencing, fax, texting, voice, and SMS. Other features are call logs for every telephony, voice to mail, free app, ring groups, and E-fax to Email. There is also a feature for extension forward to cell phone, call queue, music on hold which is customized among other features.

Standard telephony has fewer features as compared to VOIP solutions that incorporate WiFi hotspots as well as high bandwidth. We offer a warranty which is the lifetime for all DECT, IP conference, and gigabit IP phones. We have a number of plans one can choose from and our plans are not costly.